“Focus on creating clean content and being consistent” – Mr Faisu’s advice to budding producers

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Mr. Faisu (Source: Facebook | @FaisalShaikh)

Content creation is an industry where everyone is unique in their own way! Also, it is very inspiring to always see creators coming from humble backgrounds and paving their way. Mr. Faisu recently spoke on the web series Show & Tell. Check out everything he spoke about right here!

What did Mr. Faisu have to say…

We absolutely loved how clear he was with us about his life! From being a salesman to being a part of Team 07 a few years ago, he talked about it. A deodorant holds full significance for Mr. Faisu as it has an incredible story behind it. A few years ago he was fired for breaking an expensive bottle of deodorant and today he has his own brand, isn’t it inspiring? In addition, he told us about how his #faisuquad means a lot to him and he always tries his best to keep him updated with all his whereabouts. Knowing that a creator like him is so humble is truly a heart-loving one!

All about his content

Mr. Faisu strongly believes in creating clean materials and staying consistent with his work. He shared his real experience of how Team 07 was formed and he aimed to create a digital platform. Apart from social media, we have seen him in many music videos and we will soon see him in an upcoming web-series with actress Roohi Singh called Bang Bang by ALTBalaji. According to him, his team and Qyuki Digital played a key role in making him who he is today and we love and appreciate him!

Pro-tip for budding creators

Here Mr. Faizoo has to say for every content creator that is starting,

You will be popular among people as long as you are making yourself visible to everyone out there. As a creator, always try and reach out to more and more good people. Throughout my career, I have learnt one thing, you have to be a good person and create clean content. Moreover, you have to be regularly updated and stay consistent, surely no one can pull you down!

Mr. Faisu

This is some amazing advice there! The session was super-warming and we loved the message he gave to his fans. We are absolutely certain that you will like this episode as well, so check it out here!

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