Shraddha Sharma is winning our hearts with her Music

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It is always said that ‘music is medicine for your soul’ and we completely agree! We all get a unique taste and love listening to different types of music, don’t we? For this reason, Qyuki Digital has come up with their own music show called Jamin and they are back with their third season. This season is filled with some awesome music and groovy tracks. Not only this, he has also added a folk flavor to the show this year! Chaired by the legendary AR Rahman, has some of the iconic singers and digital superstars on the show. One of them is Shraddha Sharma, a multi-talented content producer and singer. Here’s what you need to know about this slay-queen!

Who is Shraddha Sharma?

Shraddha is a talented content producer and an unprecedented singer! She started making videos on YouTube from the age of 15 and has been on a winning streak ever since. This is her third year with Jamin, and each year she only focuses on becoming a better musician. Music has been an introspection tool for her as it has helped her to understand and express herself better. SHe gets a love for music from his mother and we think it’s completely adorable!

Her Music

Shraddha currently has more than 255k followers on Instagram and 303k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She shot her first video cover for the song her ‘Main Tenu Samjhawan‘ and got a lot of positive response. She is also popular for his album called ‘Raastey‘ and has collaborated with some big labels in the past. In the third season of Jamin, we saw her sharing the stage with the legendary Alka Yagnik and Raj Burman. Not only this, she also regularly posts her covers on Instagram and she is very soulful!

Here’s what Shraddha has to say about her experience,

With all the achievements and failures I have and I still see in life, starting at a young age – there is just one thing I have realised and that is that every good or bad thing happens for a reason and in the end it somehow always gets better. We have a short life and the wise thing to do is to let go of all the negativity and enjoy every day that we get to spend with our friends, loved ones and the work that makes us happy. I am grateful to be doing what makes me happy and to be able to spread some amount of happiness and comfort through my music.

We love how Shraddha started at such a young age and has already achieved so much in her career! She is a ray of positivity and we fully accept her point of view. Check out the promo of the show.

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