‘Baba ka dhaba’ got a ‘Digital Manager’, know how much Baba’s days have changed

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You might remember Malviya Nagar ‘Baba ka Dhaba’. Pictures of an elderly 80-year-old Kanta Prasad running a food stall in an orange t-shirt went viral on social media on October 8. While crying, Baba told that his survival in lockdown has also become difficult.

The crowd has disappeared from Baba’s Dhaba 20 days after the video went viral. Now only a few people come here to eat. Some come here to take selfies.

1. Baba’s Dhaba became famous overnight

As soon as the video went viral, the generosity of Delhi also rose. Baba’s Dhaba’s Matar Paneer, Rice and Roti overshadowed Dhabas all over Delhi. Some eaters, some photographed and some who shone their image in the name of mercy and charity, many people crowded this small stall on the pavement of Malviya Nagar.

2. A few days later the crowd disappeared

But now the situation is not like that. The crowd has disappeared. The month of October is not over yet, but after 20 days, the crowd has disappeared from Baba’s Dhaba. Now a few people come here to eat. Some come here to take selfies.

3. Kanta Prasad’s stardom decreased

The stardom of 80-year-old Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi, who has become a social media star, has decreased a bit but still the work is going on. Now there are less eaters and more fond of videos and selfies.

4. People disappeared after assuring help

Many people associated with Bollywood, sports and politics talked about helping Baba on Twitter. However, after about 20 days, when we talked to Baba, he said that the situation has become the same now.

5. Companies have also stepped back

Even many online food supply apps and some companies put their boards on their dhabas, but now they too have been removed.

6. Nobody’s Really helping now

Baba says that no company had any sympathy for him, everyone was lured to shine their brands. However, thanks to the blogger who made the video viral for the first time.

7. This Man came forward to help

Meanwhile, a youth who has seen public relations of some Bollywood celebrities has made himself their manager. Baba needed help to remain in the digital world and now a young man is helping him in this work.

8. Baba’s Dhaba gets’ a “Digital manager”

Baba’s manager Tushat Adalkha says that he is doing this work only for the purpose of help. He does not want anything in return.

9. Baba did not get any help

By the way, Baba also says that all the people who claimed the help of lakhs of them on social media disappeared by just talking. They have not really received any special help.

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