6 mind-blowing facts about your Favourite Creators that may surprise you

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Don’t all of us as fans like to know everything about our beloved creators? Yes indeed we do! It makes us feel much closer to them than before and keeps us updated with their likes and dislikes. Now, if we say that we have some lesser known insiders from some creators you might not know. If you are excited and eager to get to know them, here are some super fun facts that are so shocking that you would say OMG is over! So, scroll down to get all the unknown diets right now.

Here they are:

1. Ruhi Singh

Ruhi has amazed us with her brilliant acting time and again. A bizarre fact about Roohi Singh is that she is a certified skier! Did you know about this? Tbh, this is a good activity to learn.

2. Bhuvan Bam

Well, I’m sure there’s no one who doesn’t know Bibi’s wine! Bhuvan is a famous young icon and digital content creator from India, who is super talented and popular among audiences for his funny and relatable content. The secret fact he revealed about himself is that he likes to jam and sing. In fact, he was an aspiring singer who often held gigs in restaurants. His voice is simply magical and we would love to hear him sing more.

3. Sejal Kumar

Sejal is an all-rounder content creator whose list of skills and talents is endless. Being a pioneer in this field, her creativity is at the next level, and we can see that through her tattoo. Yes, you read it right, Sejal got her second tattoo done on her 26th birthday. Her new tattoo, ‘Eunoia‘, means beautiful thinking and a good mind’. It truly has a deep meaning.

4. Niharika NM

Niharika NM is a shining star that brings a smile to our faces with her phenomenal content. In simple words, Niharika is a brilliant creator whose comic timing is on-point and we can’t hold back on her videos. Let us tell you a fun fact about her. She is not only a successful content producer but is also pursuing her studies and is an MBA student. We are quite impressed by how she completes her material and studies so easily.

5. Team Naach 

eam Nach is the brainchild of the most talented dancer duo Nicole Concessao and Sonal Devraj. Their energy-filled choreography and expressions that make her one of the best dancers. A very interesting and lesser known fact about Nicole and Sonal is that they held their first workshop at The Hive, Mumbai!

6. Ahsaas Channa

She is a young creator who has carved a special place in the hearts of her fans with her talent and content. Her expressions and acting skills are always on-point. A bizarre fact about Ahsaas is that she started her career at a very young age, she was just 4 years old!

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