Top 5 Contemporary Indian restaurants you must visit

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Indian food is not just restricted to ordinary dosa, roti, and dal. Today, few restaurants in India have revolutionized Indian cuisine. These places will make you fall in love with Indian food, again. These restaurants are expensive but worth it. The thought that goes behind the creation of every dish is outstanding. They have blended Indian cuisine with other cuisines. We have listed the top 5 restaurants in India which redefine Indian food and rightly so.

1. Avartana, Chennai

This restaurant in ITC, Grand Chola, Chennai will change the definition of south Indian food. They have five menus- Maya, Bela, Jiaa, Anika, Tara. All menus except Tara have two options- vegetarian and non- vegetarian. Tara offers only non- vegetarian food. It’s a set menu and the price starts from Rs. 2000 per person. This place is luxury at its best. The food is pricey but it’s an experience you will always cherish. They have a palette cleanser after every course. The way these dishes are presented is a treat to our eyes.

2. Masala Library, Mumbai & Delhi

This restaurant in BKC, Mumbai, and Delhi are founded by renowned chef Jiggs Kalra. This restaurant gives a new dimension to Indian food. The three pillars of MasalaLibrary are- Progressive Indian, The Kebab Trail, IconicCurries of India. The presentation of each dish is so creative! A dessert-inspired from Caviars is served in a seashell. We personally love the mozzarella naan, dal chawalarancini, and jalebi caviar.

3. Indian Accent, Delhi

This place is rated as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. You know how amazing this is going to be. You have to make a reservation for your table months back and still, there is no guarantee that you will get a table as there are so many people who want to experience this. The menu is curated by chef Manish Mehrotra. They offer a six-course Chef’s tasting menu too which is paired with a selection of wines. One should visit this place to experience it as words can’t justify it.

4. The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

This restaurant in Mumbai is fun, colorful, and has great food. Right from the desi tacos, pav bhaji porterhouse roll to Gulab nut, all the dishes are out of the box.  The place has a Bollywood vibe attached to it. The cocktails and mocktails have an Indian touch too. This makes our normal food so delicious and revolutionary that you can’t get enough.

5. Pink Poppadom, Bangalore

Pink Poppadom in Hyatt, Bangalore uses exotic ingredients and creativity to create Indian dishes with a twist. We found the ravioli kebab and pumpkin masala lasagna yummy. They basically make dishes which are a fusion of Indian and another contemporary cuisine.

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