Mona Darling

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Mona Darling

20171 h 43 min

A contemporary who-dunnit, with a splash of supernatural, set in a college campus somewhere in India (a la Indian Institute Of Technology) where a few mysterious deaths occur and the only common link between the victims is that, seconds before their deaths, they all accepted a 'facebook friend request' from a certain profile page of Mona_Darling. The person behind the said page, Mona happens to be missing. Her friend, and a fellow student, Sarah recruits the help of a classmate, Wiki - a borderline sociopathic genius. This odd-couple of amateur sleuths carry on their investigation as the story leads them into unexpected corners and terrifying revelations. It's a pacy thriller, confined to limited locations on one single campus, populated by fresh, sexy, young characters that can be executed on a fairly shoestring budget. More importantly it captures the present zeitgeist of young India and its obsession with social networking.

Director of Photography
Writer Shashi Sudigala
Title Mona Darling
Original Title मोना डार्लिंग
Director Shashi Sudigala
Original Music Composer
Runtime 1 h 43 min
Release Date 24 February 2017
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