Kareena Kapoor Finally Talks About Taimur’s Nanny’s Salary

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Talk of celebrity kids and no one can beat Timur Ali Khan. Little Taimur is one of the most loved Star Kids. He is a social media star, perhaps older than his own parents, Saif and Kareena. This little pumpkin is very cute and goes everywhere. He mostly cracks with his nanny.

Like Taimur, his grandmother has also become the talk of the city. For those who do not know, Taimur’s grandmother is named Saviti and she is seen almost everywhere with Taimur. She looks after him at his home and even when the family goes out for holidays. Many reports earlier suggested that she earns Rs 1.5 lakh per month.

According to a report,  “Taimur’s nanny draws a basic salary of Rs 1.5 lakh a month. It can go up to Rs 1.75 lakh depending on the extra hours she spends at his home. There is an over-time fee for every extra hour spent with the child. Plus, she has a car at her disposal to take the child in and around Bandra.”

Some time back Kareena Kapoor was trolled for being a careless mother. “I have to address one thing… recently I got trolled on a photo where I was getting into a private jet… and the trolling was about how apparently, I’m a careless mother who’s letting my kid be brought up by nannies.” 

Kareena Kapoor gave a befitting reply to all these trollers.She said,  “To you judgemental folks who know nothing about my life, please note that there’s a finger I’m showing you in my mind right now.” 

Recently, during an interview, Kareena Kapoor Khan was asked if Taimur Ali Khan’s nanny charges Rs 1.5 lakh per month.  Kareena answered, “I don’t talk shop.”

When Kareena appeared on Arbaaz Khan’s show, she was asked if Taimur’s nanny earns more than some bureaucrats and she said, “Accha, really. How do they know? But that should be addressed by the ministry. There is no price for anything as long as your child is happy and safe. There is no price for that. The idea is that the child should be happy and in safe hands.”

Taimur really gets a lot of attention from the media and when Kareena was asked about this a long time ago,  she said, “I hate it, but what can we do but ignore it? We (Kareena and Saif) both believe that children are a product of their parents and their surroundings, and at home, we plan to keep it as normal as possible. That will be his foundation.”

Saif Ali Khan also shared that he does not like it at all. Saif shared that Taimur is also not there to attract everyone’s attention. He said, “He’s like, “No picture!” And he starts frowning. He doesn’t like too much fuss. It’s not something he is excited about, for sure.”

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