Bigg Boss 14 Day 18: Shehzad Deol evicted; Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan exit show

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Picking right from the high-octane drama where the last episode ended, Bigg Boss 14 was full of twists and turns on Wednesday. While the journey of seniors Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan and Siddharth Shukla ended inside the house, Shahzad Deol was also dropped from the show.

The episode began with Gauahar telling Bigg Boss that rules were relaxed for Siddharth in the last season too. After the arguments continued, Bigg Boss said that since the seniors cannot reach a consensus, they should vote. Both Gauhar and Hina naming Sidharth’s team as the one that lost the task, Sidharth and his teammates Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan were asked to leave.

Nikki Tamboli is allowed to stay back as she is an already confirmed contestant. Shehzad was also asked to leave the house with him. Nikki started crying and Jaan and Rahul too became emotional. After he left, Gauhar was seen explaining to the family how the decision was taken. Bigg Boss then thanked Gauhar and Hina and asks them to leave. As they preparing to leave, Nikki was seen touching their feet and Gauhar started crying again. Hina also called Rubina the queen while bidding their goodbyes.

After everyone is gone, Nikki goes to Jasmin Bhasin and apologizes to her. They also hug each other and Jasmine told her it was very generous of her to apologise. Seeing them, Jaan also asked for an apologyto which Nikki readily sorry, before asking him what was it that he wanted her to apologise for.

Soon the men in PPE suits uncovered a new area in the house and the contestants are happy to see Pavitra and Ejaz back. The new area that resembled the jail was declared a Red Zone. Bigg Boss announced that people living in the Red Zone are at risk of eviction and the rest are safe, living in the Green Zone. The red zone also had a separate kitchen. When Jaan tells Ejaz that everyone cried after he left, Pavitra smilingly asks him that they were crying after making sure that they exit the show. You were the one who drove us out, what is the use of crying, he asked. Soon, Nikki Pavatra and Ejaz are seen making fun of Rahul crying.

The next morning, Ejaz claimed that he was under stress because he worked hard for the task and was not the one who wanted to be in the red zone. He kept pacing up and down the Red Zone area, yet Pavitra and Nikki asked him to calm down. While talking to Rahul, Nikki admitted that she was happy for a friend like Jaan.

Bigg Boss then announced the task of captaincy while  Nishant, Jaan and Rahul were seen strategizing with as well as against Nikki.

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