Tom Holland, Zendaya starrer Spiderman 3 titled ‘No Way Home’, to release this December

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After much confusion about the title of the film, the makers of Spider Man 3 have finally decided to get us to the real title they have decided with – Spider Man: No Way Home.

Just yesterday, Zendaya, Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon took to their social attention to share some never-before-seen stills from the film and shared three different titles. Tom read the title “Phone Home”, referring to the 1982 film “E.T.,” Zendaya’s was “Home Slice “and Jacob shared the title” Home-Wrecker “. Since all Spiderman films go with the word ‘Home’ , so they just came up with some wild choices and it didn’t take long for fans to realize that they were being trolled.

In a video posted soon by Tom, he, Zendaya, and Jacob look quite furious as director John Watt again gives them a fake title. Tom said that he could not understand why John keeps doing things. To this, Jacob says that it is quite obvious because Tom always screws things up. When he asks to name one thing he has spoiled, Zendaya retorts saying, “your last movie title”! As they walk past, the camera zooms in on the white board that bears the film’s actual (expected) title – Spiderman 3: No Way Home!

The Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios film is set to release in theaters on 17 December 2021.

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