Amit Sadh walks away from social media amid current COVID-19 crisis

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Actor Amit Sadh is always active on his social media, sharing his glimpses through his workouts, his upcoming projects and his thoughts. But yesterday, he announced that he is going offline due to the COVID-19 crisis which is currently going on in Maharashtra and the entire country.

The actor, taking to his social media, shared a lengthy comment on his decision in detail. He says that his drawings and reels, and “silly things” won’t entertain or heal anyone during these difficult times and that he feels the best way to be sensitive to the situation is to hope and pray that things get better. We are going and doing what we need to help those people who are daily wage earners.

He said that he is not abondoning his fans and he is always there for him on DM, he just does not want to post anything and wants to take advantage of his privileges. He ends by telling everyone to follow the rules, be safe and look for each other and hope that things will improve so that he can start being “goofy and silly again”.

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