Tom Cruise Performs Daredevil Stunt For ‘Mission Impossible 7’

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One of the most versatile actors, Tom Cruise needs no introduction. Over the past few decades, Tom has been entertaining the world with his stellar on-screen performances. Be it the “Top Gun” or the “Mission Impossible” franchise, the actor has continued to captivate audiences and garnered a huge fan following over the years. One of the most successful franchises, ‘Mission Impossible’ is everyone’s favourite.

Tom is busy shooting for his upcoming film, ‘Mission Impossible 7’. The actor is known to perform his own stunts and has left millions of fans speechless with his dangerous stunts in the past. According to a report in the Indian Express, Tom is in the middle of some very dangerous stunt shoots. He has worked hard for the action sequences of this film and was seen performing some daring stunts which he calls his most dangerous stunt till date.

In a recent statement to the media, Tom said,  “This is by far the most dangerous thing I’ve attempted; we’ve been working on this for years.” Tom has always been the kind of actor who loves to do all his stunts himself and has never failed to give his best.

We can’t wait to see what Tom has in store for us in ‘Mission Impossible 7’.

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