Sidney Sweeney talks about the ‘illness’ the way Instagram has affected her life

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Sidney Sweeney is opening up about how social media has affected her life.

You may recall that earlier this year, the 23-year-old The White Lotus actress burst into tears after people made derogatory remarks about her on an Instagram Live.

Now, Sidney is “sick” talking about the way Instagram has affected her life.

“It’s the most unhealthy part of my life,” she told The Independent. “The fact that I am second guessing and having anxiety over posting a picture is sickening.”

Sydney opened while promoting her new Amazon film The Voyeurs, which follows a couple who move into their dream apartment and find their windows look straight into another couple’s apartment.

Talking about social media, Sydney said, “And I think that’s something that [my character] Pippa totally has a lot of problems with, and she’s comparing herself to across the window and the couple.”

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