Nicholas Galitzin reveals he auditioned for another prince role before landing on ‘Cinderella’

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Nicolas Galitzin is opening up about his role in Cinderella opposite Camila Cabello.

The 26-year-old British actor spoke to WWD about the film, which is now airing on Amazon Prime, and revealed that he was very close to giving up royal roles before landing in the film.

In his interview with the site, Nichols revealed that he nearly turned down Prince’s roles after not landing another part in the Disney film.

“I had just screen-tested with the director for another prince for a Disney project. I won’t say which one, but I’d kind of been through the process with that — and I was so gutted that it didn’t work out,” he admits. “I said to my agent, ‘I’m swearing off princes for a little bit,’ and then a couple of weeks later, this came over my desk and they said how it was going to be an entirely different play on this familiar fairy tale that we know, and comedy was involved and that singing was involved.”

Nichols’ audition included a song he described as an “absolute train wreck”.

“I had to sing a Queen song a capella, ‘Somebody to Love,’ a capella for two minutes, which you know is hard enough anyway,” he jokes. “I generally feel like you should only ever sing a capella for like maximum 30 seconds.”

He shared that he wanted this prince’s role more than the others because “it’s a much more humanized version of a fairy-tale prince.”

“She’s a lot more real, she’s a lot more honest, less fanatical,” says Nichols, adding that “a lot of“He’s much more real, he’s much more honest, less archetypal,” Nicholas says, and added that “a lot of people were gunning for the role.”

While he didn’t mention any other big names, Nichols shared that  “it’s kind of the big challenge when you get to the sort of the point where you’re in the industry, but you’re trying to break through into the upper echelons. So they really put me through the ringer to kind of convince everyone that the role was mine.”

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