Amazon disputes reports that Nicole Kidman left production of ‘Expats’ series

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Over the weekend, reports suggested that Nicole Kidman had walked away from the set of her upcoming Amazon series, The Expats.

According to Hong Kong online news outlet, HK01, it was reported that the 54-year-old actress had left the production due to creative differences with series director Lulu Wang.

The outlet added, via Variety, that Nicole will not be a part of the series any further, and will only return to England after she completes her work on Aquaman 2.

Now, Amazon is responding to the dramatic reports.

“Nicole wrapped as scheduled, she did not leave early. She always had other projects she was committed to. The production is not stalled or on hiatus, it was always going to continue shooting without her,” an Amazon spokesman stated in a comment to Variety.

Other reports claimed that Nicole and Lulu were even seen arguing during a street filming scene. Although sources claim that this is not true.

Set in the fabric of Hong Kong, The Expats follows the story of an international community whose lives are suddenly tied together forever after a family tragedy. It revolves around three women, Mercy, Margaret and Hillary.

Nicole serves as an executive producer on the series based on  Janice Y. K. Lee novel.

Just last month, there was controversy over why Nicole was allowed to skip the mandatory quarantine period in the city-state.

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