Camila Cabello Keeps It Casual, Arrives in NYC for More ‘Cinderella’ Promos

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Camila Cabello adjusts her mask as she arrives in New York City on Sunday night (September 5).

The 24-year-old Cinderella actress was joined by her mom Sinuhe Estrabao and wore a cute matching outfit after touching down at JFK airport.

Camilla is in the Big Apple to continue promoting her new film, which premieres Friday (September 3) on Amazon Prime.

In a recent interview, Camilla opened up about how turning to therapy gave her a second life.

“Before lockdown I was burnt out. I was living with a really high amount of anxiety. It was too much and it was not sustainable. I felt like I was running with a broken leg but I wasn’t really listening to how I felt,” she told The Sun.

Camilla continued, “I kept telling myself everything was good, ‘I should feel fine, I should feel OK.’ What I needed to do was say, ‘How do I actually feel?’ and letting that be OK. I needed to give myself permission to ask for help — because I needed help. I needed therapy. The pandemic gave me that pause to say, ‘Let’s not carry on running on this broken leg, let’s fix it.’”

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