Helen Mirren to star in new film ‘Sniff’ with Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino and Danny DeVito

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Helen Mirren will once again be back in front of the camera in a new film, directed by her husband Taylor Hackford.

Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino and Danny DeVito will also star in the film, titled Sniff, according to The Wrap.

Sniff has been described as  “stylish reinvention of the film noir about a series of deaths at a retirement community.”

Here’s the plot line: When two residents of a retirement community die under suspicious circumstances, retired detective Joe Mulray (Freeman) is pulled back into action by his former partner, William Keys (DeVito) as they uncover a hidden underworld of sec, drugs and murder in a high-end, luxury retirement community controlled by kingpin Harvey Stride (Pacino) and his female fatale enforcer, The Spider (Mirren).

Endeavor Content is launching the film’s worldwide sales at the Toronto International Film Festival starting this week, and CAA Media Finance will host the film’s U.S. film. Co-representing the sales rights.

In case you didn’t notice, Helen and Taylor were just at the Venice Film Festival!

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