Kangana Ranaut Says BMC Will Demolish Her Manikarnika Films Headquarter

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Kangana Ranaut | (Source: Instagram | @team_kangana_ranaut)

Actress Kangana Ranaut has alleged that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation will demolish her office space. She shared a video from her Twitter handle claiming to be BMC executives at her Manikarnika Films office. It is the day before his return to the city, which has now become controversial due to his recent remarks against Mumbai.

With a video showcasing her brand new office space, the Rani actor wrote on Twitter in Hindi, “This is the Manikarnika Films office in Mumbai. It took 15 years of hard work to achieve this. It was one of my dreams to have my own office if I ever got the opportunity to become a filmmaker. But now it looks like my dream is going to be destroyed. Today, some BMC officials showed up unannounced.”

Kangana’s follow-up video shows some people in her office. He wrote, “They have forcefully taken over my office measuring everything, also harassing my neighbors when they retorted @mybmc officials used language like, “Wo joh madam hain, uski kartoot ka parinam sabko bharna hoga (everyone must pay for the lady’s behaviour). I am informed tomorrow they are demolishing my property.”

On Monday, Kangana was provided with the Y-Plus category of security after her return to Mumbai, which is on 9 September. The actress is currently living in Manali with her family. Thanking Home Minister Amit Shah, he tweeted, “This proves that a patriot’s voice cannot be crushed by fascists. I am grateful to Amit Shah, if he wanted, he could have advised me to go to Mumbai after a few days but he respected a daughter of India, protected her pride and self-respect. Jai Hind.”

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