Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty breaks a big rule with Nia Sharma

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We often see the contestants breaking the rules in Bigg Boss. And while Zeeshan Khan was the first one to break the rules on Bigg Boss OTT this year, looks like actress Shamita Shetty is next in line. Well, unlike Zeeshan, the actress did not engage in a physical fight but was seen trying to get outside information from Nia.

Yes, as per the contract of Bigg Boss, no contestant is allowed to collect any information from outside world while he is on the show. However, when Nia entered the house on Wednesday, Shamita was seen asking the actress about her family and sister Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Shamita was with her family at the time of crisis, asking Nia in sign language if everything was fine outside.

Discussing breaking the rules in the outside world, Shamita couldn’t openly ask Nia and when the Jamai Raja actress didn’t get her clue, Shamita also looked annoyed. Later, both the ladies spoke and Nia tells Shamita that everything is fine outside with her sister.

I feel really bad seeing Shamita breaking down remembering her family. She also tore the letter he got from home to save Raqesh Bapat. Well, I love how strong Shamita is in the house and the bond she is developing with Raqesh.

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