Exclusive: “I Was One Against All, I Couldn’t Get Manipulated,” says Bigg Boss 15 evicted contestant Donal Bisht

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Actress Donal Bisht was kicked out of Bigg Boss 15 along with Vidhi Pandya earlier this week. And I must say, the girl’s journey on the show was a bumpy ride. He had arguments and differences with the other contestants, and when he got the chance, Donal was evicted.

Talking about the same in an exclusive interview with MissMalini, Donal has made some interesting revelations about his journey. Here are excerpts from her interview…

On how it feels to be out of the house:

It feels great, feels like I was in the house for 2-3 months. Feels good to be back in the real world.

On her bitter-sweet journey:

I went there with a clean slate. I had no strategy, I thought I will behave with the people just like they do with me. That’s what I did, but I couldn’t go to the level they behaved with me. I managed everything in a dignified way. I didn’t know they will plan all this against me. They planned that I should be out of the house because I was a threat.

On being targeted:

Yes, I was targeted, people were discussing their actions that would be shown. Tejasswi PrakashKaran KundrraJay BhanushaliVishal Kotian, used to talk about these things. I was doing the show for myself, differences were there. I was one against all, I couldn’t get manipulated. They realized that I am the lone warrior.

On whether the eviction was expected:

They had planned this in the start only. It was their game plan to evict me first. They destroyed my image, they would not let me speak, they manipulated people and they were not talking anything good about me. I had the most important part in making the map, but Vishal or Tejasswi never said it. I was giving my 100 percent in the task, I got hurt but no one noticed. I asked Shamita Shetty for an ice pack, but she refused. If you have a personality like this, you don’t deserve to win the show.

On her plan ahead:

There are a lot of projects I was doing earlier. I had time for Bigg Boss in between, now I will focus on those projects. I will only take up projects that excite me.

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