Who Went Home On ‘Big Brother USA’? Double Eviction Episode Spoiler!

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Spoiler alert – don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know the consequences of Big Brother’s expulsion!

The first of the two Double Eviction episodes took place on Big Brother and two contestants were sent home.

The week begins with Tiffany as the head of household deciding to put Alyssa and Xavier on the nomination block.

Alyssa won the veto power and removed herself from the bloc, so Tiffany nominated her ally Claire, to be the only remaining non-cookout alliance member. Explaining her reasoning to her friend, Tiffany said she could not be responsible for sending another black man out of the house, which Claire understood.

The first contestant sent home was Claire by a vote of 4–1.

Claire Rehfuss

The head of the domestic competition was won by Hannah. She sets up Alyssa and Javier with the intention of kicking Alyssa (the last non-cookout alliance member) out of the house.

Hannah lied to Alyssa and told her that Javier was her target and she was going up as a pawn because they are a pair.

Javier won the veto power and removed himself from the block. Kyland wentup as the replacement nominee.

Alyssa was eliminated by a 3–1 vote, with Javier the only vote to save her.

Alyssa Lopez
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