Christy Carlson Romano claims Katy Perry took her record deal

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Christy Carlson Romano is looking back on her time as a singer.

In a new YouTube video, the 37-year-old Even Stevens actress talks about trying to pursue her singing career after she ended up as Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway in 2004, with Katy Perry singing her record Stole the deal.

Christie shared how she signed a deal with music exec Jason Flom at Atlantic Records, but left the record label soon after.

Once he found a new job at Virgin Records, Jason called Christie to work together again, and was then paired with The Matrix, a group that develop songs with aspiring singers. They were also working with Katy, who had just started working on her music career.

The Matrix then offered Christie the song “Just a Song”, with Katy as the demo singer.

Christie liked the song, and decided to record it, hoping that Virgin would hear it and sign it.

Christie then joined a group of songwriters and musicians, including Katy, for dinner.

At the time, Christie said that Katy was not signed with any record label, but was “really, really looking for a deal.”

Christie then said that, at dinner, she went to Katy and told her how much she liked her voice, and told Katy that she was in development with Jason, and put her voice on “Just a Song”.

About a month later, Christie remembered that she was told she didn’t have a deal, but that “Katy Perry did.”

“So, there you go guys,” Chrisy said in the video. “That’s the tea. I don’t know if she was just using her sense to say to herself, ‘Wow Jason is in the market for this kind of voice.’ Or maybe she had a conversation that had already started with him.”

“Does it matter? Not really, but I will say this,” Chrisy continued. “Record companies take on more than a few kind of singer. So that meant she was my ‘direct competition,’ if you will, in the running spot for Jason to hire or take on someone for that record contract.”

Christie ends her video by saying that she has “no ill feelings” toward Katy, before adding that Katy “deserved that record contract” as much as she did.

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