Tom Ellis and Lauren German Chat About the Series Finale of ‘Lucifer’

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The end has come for Netflix’s Lucifer, as the series finale just came to an end and fans can’t stop talking about what was revealed in the show’s final bits.

Stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German also opened up about the ending and shared what they thought about wrapping up their characters’ stories.

In the series finale, fans find out where Lucifer (Alice) ends up, and what really becomes of Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), who is her and Chloe’s (German) time-traveling older daughter. .

According to a brief recap from Variety, while Rory was very angry with Lucifer, she realized his ability to positively influence , and in fact her to go to hell and continue to help people. .

She also wanted him not to change anything about her upbringing, so she could be the person she grew up with.

“The notion of Lucifer actually having learned something through this whole experience of walking with humanity and implementing it in some kind of calling was where we were headed. How we got there was enriched by this Rory storyline,” Tom says about inserting Rory into his timeline in the final season.

He added, “It was something that I didn’t really, truly realize until performing it, but the notion of Lucifer being a dad, and what that means to you, what it brings out of you — feelings that you’ve never experienced before — I think that enriched that journey to getting to where we wanted to get to.”

“It made the end of the book even more satisfying.”

Lauren said she loved that the couple became Rory’s parents.

“Chloe gets to be a mom and watch Rory grow up,” she mused. “Then the spin with that is that the people that want to see Chloe and Lucifer together, they get what they want as well. And that last knock on the door saying, ‘I thought you could use a partner,’ that was such a smart way that the writers’ room and Joe and Ildy and Tom — they all collaborated.”

She continued, “There’s such a beautiful mix of saying goodbye to Lucifer, being heartbroken over that, but also getting to be there for Rory and then that cherry on top with Chloe getting to spend eternity with Lucifer, helping people.”

The full series is available to stream on Netflix now.

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