Sam Asghari’s ex-girlfriend reacts to Britney Spears engagement

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Sam Asghari’s ex-girlfriend is reacting on his engagement to Britney Spears.

While out and about in Los Angeles on Friday (Sept. 17), Mayra Veronica was asked by photographers how she feels about the 27-year-old actor and personal trainer’s engagement to the 39-year-old pop star.

“I feel great. I feel very happy for them,” the 41-year-old model and singer shared with TMZ. “He hit the jackpot!”

“She hit the jackpot too, though,” Mayra said of Britney. “He’s extremely supportive. He’s a really, really supportive guy, and after all the s–t she’s been through, that’s what she needs.”

In case you didn’t know, Sam and Myra dated from 2015 to 2016, shortly before he met Britney on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video. They announced their engagement earlier this month.

“He was a really sweet guy,” Mayra added, “He was always super, super supportive, so I think she’s with the right guy.”

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