Amy Adams reveals exciting new details about ‘Enchanted’ sequel

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Amy Adams is delivering exciting new information about the upcoming Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted!

The 47-year-old six-time Oscar-nominated actress opened up about the film during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week.

“We filmed it in Ireland,” Amy said. “Everyone is back. We also have great additions to the cast. We have Maya Rudolph. She plays the ‘baddie,’ so we get to have a lot of fun together.”

Amy will be reprising her role as Princess Giselle, nearly 14 years after the release of the first film. The sequel will stream exclusively on Disney+ when it is released.

“There’s a lot more singing and a lot more dancing which was humbling. The last time I really danced as much as I’m required to dance in this, I was in my 20s and now I’m not in my 20s. It feels different in your 40s. In my heart, I look like I’m in my 20s when I’m dancing, and then I would watch playback and be like, ‘Whoa, that’s not the same,’” Amy added.

Disney revealed the film’s full cast list earlier this year.

Watch the interview below!

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