The ‘Shits Creek’ Cast Experiences ‘Prompter Issues’ While Presenting at the Emmy Awards 2021

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Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Katherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy pretty much took to the stage at the 2021 Emmy Awards.

The cast of Schitt’s Creek reunited to present an award at the ceremony, and was met with a teleprompter issue.

After the quartet received a standing ovation, Dan explained that there was “nothing on the prompter” for them to read.

Eugene then asked, “OK, they wouldn’t be doing this on purpose, would they?”

“Why would anyone want to embarrass us on national television on purpose?” Dan replied.

Annie then points to Eugene’s face as “being weird” and Dan asks if his father has anything to do with the mistake.

“I didn’t do anything,” Eugene declared, but then confessed. “I may have passed the writers’ room this morning and asked them to lift the dialogue a little bit.”

Obviously, this was his alleged punishment for interfering.

Watch the funny moments below!

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