Shawn Mendes Had A Lot To Say About Joe Alwyn During Lie Detector Test – Watch Now!

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Shawn Mendes is sharing his thoughts on Joe Alvin!

The 23-year-old singer did a lie detector test interview for Vanity Fair and every lie she told was quickly debunked.

Shawn was asked to tell if he keeps in touch with Taylor Swift, whom he visited back in 2015. He said that he had a conversation with her via text a month ago. “I always am asking her for advice on music,” he said.

Next, he was asked if he accepted Taylor’s boyfriend Joe… and his initial response was called a lie!

“I’ve never personally met Joe, but he looks like a- He looks like a sweet guy,” Shawn replied.

Then the test administrator said, “You’re not telling the truth. You’re being deceptive.”

“I’m lying a little bit?” Shawn said. “Yeah. I mean, he’s kind of got a little bit of a villain look about him. I mean, he looks like a nice guy, but like it dep- He at any moment could turn into a villain. You know? [laughs]”

“He’s got really blue eyes and I struggle with like, eyes that blue. You Know? Like, I find it easier to trust brown eyes. I talked way too much about him,” he added.

Shawn also talked about quarantining with Camila Cabello and her family, meeting Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and more. Watch the full video below!

A video of Shawn at the Met Gala went viral last week.

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