‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Question Why Tyra Banks Can’t Say ‘Peloton’ While Talking About Cody Rigsby

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Fans watching the Dancing With the Stars season premiere are wondering why host Tyra Banks is avoiding the word “peloton” when talking about contestant Cody Rigsby.

For those who don’t know, Cody is one of the most loved trainers on the Peloton fitness app and her classes are regularly taken by hundreds of thousands of people every week.

Cody has over 900,000 followers on his Instagram account and he has a loyal following of fans who will surely vote for him this season.

Introducing Cody’s performance on Monday night (September 20), Tyra referred to Cody as a “celebrity fitness instructor” and said fans might get to know him if they take cycling classes at home. She never said the word “peloton,” although Cody did mention it during his introduction.

One fan tweeted, ‘Can Tyra Banks not say Peloton? #DWTS.”

Another fan said, “Tell me why Tyra had such a hard time saying “Peloton”. 🤔 #dwts.”

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