Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter Katie Kimmel marries Will Logsdon this weekend!

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Jimmy Kimmel got a son-in-law over the weekend!

The 53-year-old talk show host’s daughter Katie Kimmel married Will Logsdon over the weekend.

Moments from the reception were shared on social media, including a father and daughter dance, with Jimmy and Katie dancing to The Temptations’ “My Girl”.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier in the week, Jimmy talked about his new son-in-law, Will.

“People ask that too like, ‘How’s the guy?’ And I’ll tell you, the guy is great,” he said. “His name is Will and he’s a great guy. And if he wasn’t, he’d be dead right now.”

Jimmy joked, “That’s how we operate in my family.”

Katie is Jimmy’s eldest child, whom he shares with ex-wife Gina Kimmel. They also have a 27-year-old son, Kevin.

Jimmy also has two young children, daughter Jane, 7 and son Billy, 4, with wife Molly McNearney.

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