HBO Max Shares First Footage of ‘Sex & the City’ Spinoff Series ‘And Just Like That’ — WATCH NOW!

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We’re getting our first glimpse at the upcoming Sex & the City spinoff!

During the 2021 Emmy Awards on Sunday (September 19), HBO Max released the first footage of And Just Like That….

The End Just Like That… footage was part of the “new on HBO Max” montage, which included footage from all-new projects that would soon be released by the streaming network.

In the clip, we see Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis arriving at a restaurant together again as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte.

Then we are treated to a clip of Carrie and Big (Chris Noth) cozying up and sharing a kiss in their kitchen.

There’s a huge fan theory going around that Samantha from Sex and the City (played by Kim Cattrall in the original series and subsequent films) have officially been swapped for HBO Max’s revival show.

As of now, HBO Max has not announced a premiere date for And Just Like That….

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