Ariana Grande talks to Kelly Clarkson about moving to Los Angeles at age 14 for ‘Victorious’

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Ariana Grande is looking back at the start of her career.

The 28-year-old superstar was stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday (September 20), where She discussed moving to Los Angeles at a young age with his fellow The Voice coach.

Kelly begins by asking Ariana about coming to L.A. as a teenager for the first time.

“The first time I came to L.A. was for my Victorious callback,” she said, “and I was so nervous, but so excited.”

She continued, “I was so young. I was 14, but I had never been here until my callback, and then my mom was like, ‘Do you think you could really do this? We’ll get a place, should be get an apartment?’”

Ariana remembers waiting “a long time” between callbacks and spending a lot of time at a hotel, prompting her mom to sign an apartment lease.

“Thank god,” she added of landing the Nickelodeon show, “because what if I didn’t get it and then she was like, ‘Well he have this lease for the next six months’?”

Watch his full interview below!

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