Jennifer Coolidge reveals what she wants to see in ‘Legally Blonde 3’

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Jennifer Coolidge is working on Legally Blonde 3!

While arriving at the 2021 Emmy Awards, the 60-year-old White Lotus actress spoke to E! News about the upcoming third installment of the Reese Witherspoon-led film franchise. In conversation with Caramo Brown.

During their conversation, Karamo told Jennifer that Mindy Kaling, who is writing the script for Legally Blonde 3, would also be at the Emmys.

In case you forgot, Jennifer played nail technician Paulette Bonafonte and BFF for Reese’s character Elle Woods in the first two Legally Blonde movies.

If you forgot, Jennifer played nail technician Paulette Bonafonté and BFF to Reese‘s character Elle Woods in the first two Legally Blonde movies.

“I was hoping tonight somebody could fill me in, because I haven’t heard anything,” Jennifer said about Legally Blonde 3.

“Every week, I get like a little text or something going, ‘It’s happening’ or whatever and then I don’t hear anything again,” she continued. “Reese has a lot going on, but I hope it happens.”

then revealed what she would like to see in Legally Blonde 3.

“I hope that Reese and I are running really fast for most of it. We’re running from something, really fast,” Jennifer said with a laugh.

As of now, Legally Blonde 3 is scheduled to release in May 2022.

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