Watch his reaction to what Brett Goldstein did during his speech at the Emmys!

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Brett Goldstein won an award at the 2021 Emmy Awards, but we didn’t get to hear his full acceptance speech because he bleed twice during the broadcast!

The 41-year-old actor won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series award for Ted Lasso at The Event Deck at LA Live in Los Angeles on Sunday (September 19).

Brett dropped the F-bomb twice during his speech, even though he began by saying that he was “specifically told that I am not allowed to swear.”

“So this speech is going to be f–king short,” he added.

Later in his speech, Brett mentioned his Ted Lasso team and said that being in the cast was one of his “greatest honors and privileges”. He accidentally said “privilege” twice and then corrected his mistake and cursed.

“It’s the most privileged of privileges. Well this is the f–king icing on the cake,” he said.

After the show, Brett was asked about that moment and said that he didn’t know he was sleeping.

“Truthfully I don’t know what I said. It was all a blur, but it was probably swearing. I don’t know how much bleeping went on,” Brett said (via Yahoo). “I’m struggling to take any of this in because it’s so f–king surreal. I didn’t realize we would be up so quickly… I was like, what is going on? Ask me in a week if I’m making any sense of this.”

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