Dr Dre ordered to pay estranged wife Nicole Young’s attorney fees in divorce case

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Dr. Dre is ordered to pay attorney’s fees for his ex-wife, Nicole Young.

The former couple is going through a very expensive divorce, for which they already have to pay 3.5 million per year.

According to The Blast, the judge of the case has issued a provisional order that spells out how much support he will have to pay, and pays an additional $1.55 million and attorney’s fees.

The 56-year-old rapper and producer has previously paid an additional $3 million in fees.

“Considering the level of the case’s complexity, and the issues involved, an attorney of their level and skill is reasonably necessary; and therefore, the various hourly rates of the primary and secondary attorneys participating in this litigation are reasonable and justifiable,” the order reads, according to the side. .

The judge added, “considering what is just and reasonable and using the Court’s own experience and knowledge that the payee’s reasonable fees are $3,000,000.00 and costs are $550,000.00.”

Dr. Dre and Nicole first announced they were separating last year after 24 years of marriage.

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