Lil Nas X Reveals Which Song He Tried To Fetch Nicki Minaj From His Debut Album

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Lil Nas X is opening up with some behind-the-scenes information.

The 22-year-old superstar answered fans’ questions on Tuesday (September 21), and revealed some interesting details about the collaboration that never happened.

The Monteiro Entertainer previously revealed that he had composed music for her idol Nicki Minaj, but she did not perform the track.

“Which song did u send Nicki Minaj,” a fan asked.

“Industry Baby,” he confirmed back.

As we know, the hit song eventually became a collaboration with Jack Harlow.

He also revealed that a Lady Gaga collaboration was in the works as well.

“Would you ever do a song with lady Gaga,” one fan asked.

“yes i actually wanted a song with her on the album but i never finished writing to it & sending it to her,” he replied.

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