These 5 Stars Are on the ‘New Hollywood A-List’ and Top Casting Wish Lists, THR Reports!

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A new report has emerged that suggests there are five stars who are in demand right now to make the “new Hollywood A-list”.

The report added a quote from a top talent agency representative, who said anonymously,  “The idea of the movie star has died and everyone is now trying to reinvent what movie stardom looks like.” THR spoke with talent reps to come up with this info.

Now, this new report is saying that these five actors and actresses have “topped the city’s casting wish list” and could be dubbed a new Hollywood A-list.


One rep told THR, “It’s only matter of time before she has an Oscar.”


“He’s got a huge, huge career ahead of him,” one rep told THR.


“She has every offer under the sun,” one talent rep told THR, while another compared her to Jennifer Lawrence, saying, “She’s accessible and not trying to be anything she isn’t.”


“He was lightning in a bottle,” one rep said. He’s booked many gigs in the past few months including The Gray Man, the Dungeons & Dragons adaptation, and The Saint.


“He has undeniable charisma,” one rep told THR. “He lights up any room he walks into.”

For more info, visit THR.

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