Morgan Wallen donates $500,000 to black-led groups, but money is largely missing (report)

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Morgan Wallen apparently has yet to deliver on a promise.

After his racial abuse incident, Morgan claimed he donated money to Black-led organizations in an interview on Good Morning America.

Now, Rolling Stone is reporting that the money never fully made its way to the organizations.

Eight weeks later, BMAC, the only organization he mentioned by name in the interview, said he was “disappointed that Morgan has not used his platform to support any anti-racism endeavors,” and said the $500,000 number “seems exceptionally misleading.”

56 other state, regional and national black-led or black-founded charities reported no money from Morgan Wallen.

Rolling Stone later reached out to its reps, and “soon” received vague promises for more information.

Seth England, CEO of his record label Big Loud, claimed to the outlet that it, not Morgan Wallen, had donated the $500,000, including “$100,000 earmarked and promised for further donations by year end locally” as part of “Rock Against Racism.”

The CEO also claimed that Big Loud’s donation includes “$300,000 to BMAC and other Black Leader’s [sic] organizations of choice” through the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a Los Angeles nonprofit co-founded by Humphrey Bogart.

BMAC still insists it only received $165,000, and reiterates that Morgan Wallen’s $500,000 pledge appears to be “misleading.”

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