Ted Lasso’s Brendan Hunt reacts to the show’s Emmy win

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Brendan Hunt is reacting to a Victorious Night.

The Ted Lasso writer and actor, 49, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (September 20).

During the appearance, Jimmy asks Brendan how the Emmys went.

“We got a couple early in the night, so then it was like okay, well we’re not gonna get swept,” he explained of expectations going into the awards show.

“The most important one for me was for Jason [Sudeikis] to win. He’s done such good work, we’re friends from way back, once Jason won then it was officially a good night for me no matter what. In fact, I probably cared more than Jason did,” he said.

He also discussed his headline-making Emmys look.

“I just wanted to wear something that would honor the English origins of our show, so I went for you know, Mr. Peanut, Monopoly man, cocktail party Abe Lincoln vibes,” he amusingly said.

Watch his appearance!

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