ABC investigation reportedly found that Meghan McCain was the main cause of the scene’s on-set poisoning!

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ABC is clapping back on Meghan McCain’s recent claims about her time on The View!

The 36-year-old television personality destroyed the daytime talk show and her co-hosts for creating a “toxic” work environment during her four years, with her former boss now reportedly instigating against the claims and backing down. are.

ICYMI, an excerpt from McCain’s new memoir, Bad Republicans, revealed that an infamous on-air conflict with Joey Behar made him realize the show was no longer “worth it”, so he added two more years to his contract. Despite being abandoned. Additionally, she claimed that ABC maintained a workplace environment where “the culture is so f**ked up, it feels like quicksand” and no longer viewed The View as “a pro-female show”. . John McCain’s daughter went on to say that Whoopi Goldberg’s “open disdain” for her was also a catalyst. Obviously, she didn’t hold back about what a bad experience she had there.

However, sources close to the production told TMZ that McCain’s allegations are far from the truth. In fact, they claim it was the exact opposite, and that she was mostly responsible for the behind-the-scenes drama on the program. Insiders claimed that the internal investigation into the toxic workplace culture was caused by his behavior – not by his colleagues. During the investigation, according to insiders, ABC News President Kim Godwin met with key stakeholders of the show and found that McCain was primarily to blame for a lot of the conflict and that he had dealt with a number of well-documented and heated on-air events. provoked arguments. years.

We mean… it definitely felt like watching the show. There may be disagreements among other conservatives, but it was only with Meghan that they became feuds. We’ve noted several times in recent years how she never wanted to hear her co-stars’ point of view — and how that good conversation doesn’t work.

Sources also hit back at claims that she had decided to quit the show following Behar’s remarks after returning from maternity leave. According to TMZ, he claimed that the network had wanted to move on from the writer for some time and that his exit “was a long time.” Many clearly felt it should have happened too quickly, but former premier James Goldston refused to give him the boot due to fear of backlash from conservative audiences. It was not until the findings of an internal investigation decided to oust McCain from his role.

Yes, force. Huh.

On the other hand, it also seems that not all bosses feel that way. Other ABC executives told TMZ that it was actually the bullying and negativity towards Meghan that drove her decision to leave. But after his exit, insiders also admitted that the mood on the sets had improved significantly. We mean, again… no big surprise for the audience, right?

Looks like we now have a full feud between Meghan and ABC! What are your thoughts on the allegations of execution, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below).

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