Brian Laundrie’s Notebook ‘Probably Salvable’ – Last Chance on Answers for Gabby Pettito’s Loved Ones??

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As you may have heard by now, Brian Laundrie is dead.

Human remains found by Carlton Reserve at Mykahatchi Creek Environmental Park, where his parents claimed he had gone for a hike, were confirmed Thursday to be a 23-year-old hiker.

The only person interested in Gabby Petito’s disappeared shortly before her body was found and has been the target of a very public search for over a month. While his disappearance only added rocket fuel to the suspicion that he killed his fiancée, his death is far from an outcome that anyone wanted. Those closest to Gabby have been vocal about their desire to bring Brian back alive and safely — so they may eventually find an answer to, and hopefully, closure.

Gabby’s friend Alyssa Chen told PEOPLE this week after learning of the remains:

“If Brian is dead, the problem is that no one will ever really know what happened or why it happened. We’ll never have answers. That’s why I want him to be alive, because we won’t get answers otherwise. It’ll be a double tragedy for him to be dead.”

Sadly, with this latest news it seems that whatever insight he could have given into Gabby’s violent death, he would have died with her…

But there is still hope, as it turned out.

A source close to the investigation told CNN on Thursday that the notebook found with the remains was still “possibly salvageable.” Steven Bertolino, a lawyer for the Laundrie family, told the network that it was Brian’s father, Chris Laundrie , who found a dry bag near his son’s remains.

According to the source the notebook was found “outside the dry bag”. So unfortunately it was drenched and almost destroyed – remember, the entire area where the remains were discovered was under water until quite some time ago.

However, the source says that officials are doing everything possible to salvage anything remotely:

“It had been clearly wet and they are going to use any potential means to dry that out before opening it. They’ll be very careful with it.”

We can only hope at this point that some notebook can be saved—and there are answers somewhere within its pages.

The only other possibility is if he told his parents what happened – and if so, they may have already given that information to the authorities.

Do you think we will ever get an answer on this shocking matter??

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