4-year-old boy falls off a 70-foot cliff and walks with just scuffs and bruises!

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We love happy endings!

According to officials, a 4-year-old child miraculously survived a 70-foot fall when he slipped off a cliff – walked away with only a few scratches and scuffs!

The story was shared over the weekend in a Facebook post by the Wolfe County, Kentucky, Search and Rescue team, which explained that the young child was hiking with his parents in the Daniel Boone National Forest on Friday afternoon, when He slips and says “A is falling off a cliff.” added this:

“During the fall, the boy struck multiple ledges and encountered sheer drops of ~30 feet, falling ~70 feet in total.”

70 feet! Even 30 foot drops are like falling from a three storey window! There’s no way you can expect even the poor kid to survive.

The boy’s father reportedly ran after his son, and was already on the move when search and rescue team members were alerted. The distressed father descended the cliff to reach the child, before taking the child down, across the Red River at the Sheltowi Trace suspension bridge, and toward a local highway where the two met.

The search and rescue team said in the post:

“Incredibly, while the child was certainly scraped up and bruised, he appeared to be otherwise okay. He was very talkative, and very interested in super heroes. The only super hero present was him.”

They can say that again!

The post noted that after being examined by emergency medical services, Tyke was released back to his parents, who were “greatly relieved” after the horrifying ordeal.

WCSART said the fact that the boy was not seriously injured was “no less than a miracle”, and Facebook users agreed, writing comments such as:

“Oh my Lord!!! I can’t even imagine what was going through their mind as he was falling!!!! Thank God he was ok!!!!! A Guardian Angel for sure!”

“Tremendous outcome. Surely divine intervention was at work. The dad sounds like a candidate for WCSART”

“Nothing a father won’t do for his child, this shows it. He’s the true hero here.”

“I was holding my breath just reading how everything played out from the fall to the father’s desperate scurry to get to his son! And seeing that mom squeezing his little body with such relief! I’m so happy there was a good ending to this story.”

“Thank you again for going above and beyond!! So thankful for fast thinking folks. Continued prayers”

Ch-ch- Check out the full post (below):

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