Khloé Kardashian dishes on Kim’s SNL job, Kourtney’s public urination, and True’s ‘shady’ Halloween costume!

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Khloé Kardashian didn’t hold back on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week!

On Thursday, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star came for a visit with Ellen DeGeneres, and touched on a lot of different topics related to the always interesting iteration of the KarJenner clan!

We already know that Khloé had a lot to say about the family’s new Hulu series, including when it might debut, but she also opened up about a few other things!

For one, the Good American founder revealed how his daughter True Thompson wanted to dress up as characters from Disney’s Moana for Halloween! It sounds so cute, until you realize who she wants to play mom:

“True’s going to be Moana, and she wants me to be Pua the pig. So, it’s a little shady of her, but that’s OK. I will be Pua for True.”

Oh no! Sidekick Pig?? Lolz!

As you can see (below), Ellen got a kick out of that moment:

The things you do for your kids, right?! Lolz!

Along with the theme of Halloween, Ellen and Khloé touched on their big sister Kim Kardashian’s 41st birthday (which is Thursday!), and with it came the topic of… public urination?!

No, seriously, that makes sense! You see, in April, the Revenge Body host celebrated her other big sister Kourtney’s birthday by sharing a video of the Push founder peeing in public! So when Ellen asked if Khloé was planning on doing the same for Kim’s birthday, the 37-year-old younger sister explained that it wouldn’t equate to public urination, in fact the matter of court:

“She’s actually known for her public peeing abilities, and Kourtney will tell you that she’s one of the best public pee-ers in town. Kim is not a public pee-er, so I don’t have videos like that. But I like to post really sappy, long emotional tributes to them just cause, you know, one day if I’m not here, I want them to always remember. But I don’t have that good of content on Kim as I do on Kourt.”

Nice to know! Maybe he can save some of that for the speech of the Made of Honor at Kourtney’s wedding…

Speaking of Kim though, Khloé also offered some thoughts on her older sister’s recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig, revealing how she knew Kim was going to **** it:

“I was nervous [for Kim], but not for her thinking she’s not going to do a good job. I knew she was going to do a good job. Kim’s not going to take on something that she knows she can’t do. She wants to challenge herself, but she also loves to prove everyone wrong.”

love it!

See more from Khloé on Ch-ch-Kim (below):


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[Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube/Eugene Powers/WENN]

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