Carrie kisses another man on the set of Sex and the City reboot – what about Mr. Big?!

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What’s going on over here?!

If old school s*** and The City Shippers weren’t already concerned about their happiness after being ruined, maybe they should be now! On Wednesday, Sarah Jessica Parker to End Just Like That…!

In photos taken this week, SJP was seen kissing actor John Tenney at Carey’s New York City apartment, whose specific role in the series is yet to be revealed. And, well, the kiss was pretty *. Check it out (below)!

See why Mr. Big (aka Chris Noth) should be worried now?? It doesn’t look like some escaping or an unwanted peck. The hopeless romantic is literally leaning into the smooch!

Unfortunately for Carrie and Big fans, there’s more cause for concern. Big’s ex Natasha (played by Bridget Moynahan) is also set to make an appearance on the HBO Max show, and of course John Corbett has already revealed that Aidan is back for “quite a few” episodes. uh oh! Could there be a bunch of new love triangles on our way??

We already [spoiler alert!] knew that Carrie’s love life could be up in the air based on the leaked script, but the teaser trailer showed how smiling they were after learning that they had a romantic scene in Paris. shot, it looked like these two were destined to make it work. Now? Not so sure about that…

And… in second place among new organizations. another date??
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