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Adele gets shockingly clear in new 73 Questions Vogue video – WATCH!

Adele is making her comeback, and like the lyrics to her honest song, she’s getting vulnerable in a very revealing interview with Vogue!

The Easy On Me singer covered a lot of ground in the chat — everything from making her want to play the next James Bond role to her most iconic style moment. She also couldn’t help but offer some love advice, but she had a pessimistic outlook. When asked what she would share with her 19-year-old self, the newly divorced mom admitted:

“That your love life’s gonna get a lot worse.”

Damn! No teen wants to hear that!

On a lighter note, the songstress reflected on the time she broke down to share her 2017 Grammys with idol Beyoncé, noting:

“It was actually really easy. I was just so uncomfortable and nervous up on the stage trying to give that speech right in front of her, I just sort of twisted it off and it fell off in my hand.”

You can see a shot of the broken prize (below)!

The 33-year-old showed off a unique and “so amazing” memento in her home: a piece of Celine Dion’s chewing gum — what??? Fangirl explained:

“[James Corden] knew how much of a fan of her I was, so he made her spit her gum out on a piece of paper and he framed it for me. And it’s my proudest possession.”

Wow ??

Adele gets shockingly clear in new 73 Questions Vogue video!
Lolz!! See more from the funny vid (below)!

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