Did Brian Laundrie’s parents know more about Gabby Petito’s — and did they ask the FBI to avoid handicap charges?

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While many were relieved that Brian Laundrie’s parents decided to join the search for their missing son after doing nothing to help for more than a month, his sudden face still felt a little random. .

Not according to law enforcement experts, though, who apparently believe that Christopher and Roberta Laundrie eventually joined the hunt for their son to escape charges of obstruction! Not only that, they must have done a lot more than guide officers through Maykahatchi Creek Environmental Park…

Despite several unconfirmed sightings in the States and a reality show led by Doug the Bounty Hunter at Florida’s Fort De Soto Park, the Feds were apparently focused on Carlton Reserve, ever since the Laundrie was handed over to their parents. Was reported missing on 17 September.

As we reported, Brian’s parents finally joined the search for the 23-year-old fugitive on Wednesday; Oddly enough, police miraculously found his backpack, notepad, and likely remains in a Florida swampland just hours later. However, despite the questionable timing, officials said the success came because the receding water level in the area gave explorers more access to Brian’s favorite trails and hangout spots.

Even though from the outside it might seem that the Laundries had a sudden change of heart, former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan thinks the parents only began cooperating with the authorities to save their skin, the officers purporting to screen them. Back ultimatum. Help Brian find it or face years behind bars! Kaplan told DailyMail.com:

“There’s no doubt that Brian Laundrie’s parents are fully engaged with law enforcement. I do believe that there was some sort of agreement where they accepted immunity in exchange for their full cooperation.”

And that doesn’t just mean telling the authorities how to find Brian’s favorite hiking spots. Kaplan thinks the beleaguered parents just told the FBI everything they knew about Gabby Petito’s —everything!

Kaplan, now a criminal defense attorney, speculated that Laundrie’s  parents struggled to help officers and protect their son during the five-week search, sharing:

“There’s no doubt that Brian Laundrie’s parents are fully engaged with law enforcement. I do believe that there was some sort of agreement where they accepted immunity in exchange for their full cooperation.”

Initially, the couple told the North Port Police Department that they last saw Brian when he went hiking in the reserve on September 14, leaving his Ford Mustang nearby and never coming back. . But when they said through their lawyer Steven Bertolino that they last saw their son on the evening of September 13, the pair abruptly “revised” their timeline.

Retired FBI agent Jennifer Coffindafer told the DM that if Laundrie’s parents learn of her whereabouts, they could be vulnerable to charges of aiding and abetting. However, she noted that the authorities would need compelling evidence if Brian is confirmed to be dead, explaining:

“That evidence could include text messages telling him to run or telling him they were going to destroy evidence… There’s no blood involved in a strangulation but there could be some cells on his clothing. I think the strongest possibility would be an obstruction charge on the cleaning of the Petito van.”

Coffinfar said that without such evidence, prosecutors cannot compel Christopher and Roberta to tell them what their son told them in the 12 days they spent at the home before disappearing. He explained:

“They can’t be compelled. But you would hope, especially since now that it appears their son is dead, that if they are decent people they will disclose what they know. The guilt builds and I would not be surprised at all if one of them came forward, eventually, although it could take a long time.”

At a briefing Wednesday afternoon, FBI special agent in charge Michael McPherson confirmed that human remains were found in an area of ​​the Carlton Reserve that had previously been submerged in water. (He also referred to the matter as “” for the first time.)

The location of the remains found was not disclosed, but Kaplan said the carcass on a wide stretch of swamp suggests the use of dogs, explaining:

“The reality is very morbid but when you’re exposed to the natural elements, wildlife can be drawn to the body. You only have to live in Florida for a brief period of time and know we’re surrounded by coyotes, alligators, bobcats, even panthers. So I think the fact that you saw the cadaver dogs gridding that area leads me to believe that there were parts that would not be intact and that may have been scattered about. They may have some difficulty in retrieving the entire body.”

Coffindafer offered a morbid theory for what Brian might be doing in this area:

“I think Brian went there to kill himself. The fact that he left behind his wallet and his phone, leads me to believe that he planned this. It’s terribly sad for the Petitos but there’s no way to get closure, honestly, if he doesn’t go to trial. And it looks increasingly like that’s going to be the case here.”

Sad all around.

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram/FoxNewsDigital/YouTube]

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