Britney Spears’s Dad Abandoned by Her Lawyers After Conservatorship Loss!

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Jamie Spears has taken another hit in her ongoing legal battle…

According to sources who spoke to Page Six on Wednesday, the law firm that represented the 69-year-old in its daughter Britney Spears’ conservation fight, Holland & Knight, recently asked her as its client due to threats of lawsuit from the pop sensation. left in. lawyer.

After Jamie was removed as custodian of their daughter’s estate last month, her attorney Matthew Rosengart revealed his plans to look into her father’s misconduct for the past 13 years — and we think Holland & Knight Decided they don’t want part of it at all! Do they know anything?? A source told the publication:

“Litigator Mathew Rosengart has asserted numerous times that he is going to investigate and sue Jamie. If/when he does, Jamie will need to defend and likely be adverse to parties in the conservatorship.”

The insider said that Vivian Lee Thorin had told her that “she would need a separate trial and that she and H&K weren’t interested in that role,” but Jamie asked her “to help find a stronger litigant”. has been authorized. Well, that’s good for him.

Reportedly, she has since recommended Vicky Farr and Alex Weingarten, a partner in the litigation department at Gallagher. And according to NBC, Weingarten has already accepted the position. that was fast! Although Jamie and Thorin have split, the source said he is “pleased with the work done” by the law firm before adding:

“He and Vivian remain in close touch during the transition.”

However, it looks like there could be another reason for this switch up as well. Another insider mentioned to Page Six that revoking a “suspended custodian” would “put all [H&K] fees at stake even more,” explaining:

“They don’t want to fund this anymore because when you represent a suspended conservator it makes it much more likely that fees you’ve already obtained could be disgorged and future fees may not be paid from the estate, but rather would have to be paid from Jamie.”

We can only imagine how costly this legal case will be! And how much money does Jamie have? Additionally, the source re-emphasised that the disgraced father abandoned conservatism with “the plan in place” and only did so for his daughter:

“When Britney’s lawyer did not file to terminate after multiple hearings at which Britney pleaded with the court to terminate the conservatorship, it was her father Jamie who stepped up and filed to terminate in support his daughter’s wishes.”

So yes… Calling B.S. After all on that now we know! What are your thoughts on Vivian and Holland & Knight dumping Jamie as their client? Let us know in the comments below).

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