Simone Ashley talks about ‘girl time’ with Phoebe Dinerv during break from ‘Bridgeton’

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Simone is opening up about her upcoming role on Ashley Bridgerton, and even more about her friendship with Phoebe Danever.

In the upcoming season of the Netflix series, the 26-year-old actress will star as Kate Sharma, who falls under the eye of Anthony Bridgerton.

Chatting with People, Simone shared that Phoebe has taken her under her wing.

“She’s so lovely,” she shared. “There was one week I was feeling quite stressed out about certain things and she took me to a reformer Pilates class and that was really nice. And we just had some girl time.”

Simone said that the entire cast of Returning, and the new cast, “all so supportive of one another. We’re a team and there’s no egos in that sense. Everyone understands we’re all in the same boat and we’re in it together.”

Speaking about Kate, Simone classified her as “really smart”.

“She listens to her own instincts and she’s not easily swayed by what everyone else is doing,” she said. “We meet her in different vulnerable moments and discover her background a little bit more and the family trauma that she holds. There’s a lot of common cause for an audience to relate to her.”

While she can’t say much about season two, Simone teased that “it’s going to be wonderful. I’ve seen little bits and it’s looking amazing. I’m really proud of all of us as a cast and crew. I think everyone’s smashing it.”

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