‘The Resident’ showrunner reveals when will Conrad find love again?

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It’s really only been two weeks since the official departure of Emily VanCamp as Nick Nevins on The Resident.

While fans are still sad about her leaving the series, they’re curious about whether and when Conrad (Matt Cuzchari) will find love again — and it looks like it’s going to happen soon.

According to co-showrunner Peter Elkoff, this will happen sooner than many people think, while it is difficult to acknowledge when is an appropriate time for them to grieve.

“[Conrad and Nic] were such a beloved couple, and she was arguably the love of this character’s life,” he shared in an interview with TV Line. “He will end up with somebody, but not until we get closer to the end of the season.”

There are theories that it could be Jessica Lucas’ Billy, or even the new Doc Cade, who will be played by Kelly Ronayne.

Peter adds, “We will try to tell stories in a way, going forward, where the audience will go, ‘It’s going to be her. Wait, no! I think it’s going to be her. No, wait a minute. I bet you it’s going to be her.’ We’re going to try and pepper the episodes with moments of connection and collaboration and emotional moments with different people, where you feel like you’ve seen the beginning of something, and you may be right, or you may be wrong.”

In case you missed it, Matt previously opened up about Emily’s exit from the series.

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