TikTok star Noah Beck shows off his physique for ‘Mood’, talks Dixie D’Amelio

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Noah Beck flaunting his fit physique for his latest photoshoot.

The 20-year-old TikTok star showed off her body for her new cover spread in Mood magazine. In her interview with the magazine, she spoke with fellow social media star Dixie D’Amelio about her public relations and her newfound love for fashion.

On playing soccer again: “It’s something I’d love to really explore getting back into. Soccer was my first love. I love the competition, the training, and the regimen it brings to my life. I feel calmer when I’m out on the pitch, even just kicking the ball around. MLS is currently in season, but who knows, maybe next year.”

On enjoying social media: “I always try to be as open with my fans as possible about my life and how I’m feeling,” he says. “I think I wear my heart on my sleeve pretty clearly, and right now I’m still really enjoying social media. There may come a day where I want to step back from creating content on the scale that I am currently, or because I’ve become so busy with my endeavors off-platform, but not anytime soon.”

On his new love for fashion: “I’ve been getting more and more into fashion since I moved out to LA. I love how it can be an expression of oneself, and there’s no one way something has to be worn,” Noah shares. “I think people mostly were used to seeing me in workout clothes or shirtless, but it’s become something I’m really passionate about. There are so many amazing designers and brands out there that I’m constantly discovering. My wardrobe and my shoe collection keep growing because of it.”

On his public relationship with Dixie D’Amelio: “It can definitely be difficult having such a public relationship. It’s something we’ve tried to navigate carefully. We love our Doah fans, but there are some moments we want to keep just for ourselves.”

For even more from Noah Beck, head to MoodMagazine.co!

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