‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 12 – Final Top 9 and Group Name Revealed!

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Girls Planet 999 debut group just revealed!

The South Korean girl group competition survival series, which airs new episodes weekly on Mnet, revealed a new 9-member girl group consisting of members from China, Japan and South Korea.

99 contestants started the competition, split equally between three regions as the K-group, C-group and J-group. Girls were originally placed in groups of 3, called “cells”.

Viewers from around the world, called planet protectors, voted for their favorite cell and individual members using the UNIVERSE app.

On Friday (22 October), the top 9 contestants from the remaining finalists were revealed, resulting in the debut group.

The final contestants performed their new song “Shine”.

MC Yeo Jin-gu announced the name of the girl group, revealed to be Kepler, stylized as Cape1er. (In case you didn’t know, Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer best known for his laws about planetary motion, which is in line with the show’s planetary theme!)

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