Beyoncé sends love to Kim Kardashian on her 41st birthday!

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Kim Kardashian is getting a birthday love from a surprise star!

After years of controversy, Beyonce took to her website on Thursday (October 21) to wish the reality star a happy 41st birthday.

On his site, the 40-year-old entertainer shared a picture of Kim with a baby, along with the message “Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian.”

While this message may not seem like a big deal, it actually confirms to fans that there is no bad blood between Kim and Beyoncé.

In case you didn’t know, Kim and Beyoncé have been in a rumor for a few years now, which reportedly started soon after Kim started dating Kanye West in 2012. Kanye, 44, used to be very close friends with Beyoncé and her husband Jay- Jade

The 51-year-old’s rocky relationship became apparent to fans of Beyonce and Jay when they didn’t attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding in Italy in 2014.

Two years later at a concert, Kanye publicly called out Jay and Beyonce for not checking in after Kim’s Paris robbery.

Jay then called out Kanye’s erratic behavior on his 2017 track “Kill JAY-Z” and later said that he fought over a money dispute involving Tidal.

Beyoncé and Kim never said anything about each other in public, and in November 2017, the two were spotted at Serena Williams’ wedding, which Kanye later hurt.

In December 2019, Kanye and Jay were seen smiling while hanging out together at Diddy’s 50th birthday party.

Then in June 2021, fans were thrilled to learn that Jay and Kanye had put their feud behind and teamed up for a new song on Kanye’s latest album Donda.

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